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Hi my friends and visitors,

Today I want to tell you that there are ads (on platforms like Ebay, Quoka & Co.) in the name of Palatina Ragdoll that have nothing to do with Palatina Ragdoll.

Someone seems to have taken us to the heart, because he has invested a lot of time and muse in us and in our little family hobby breeding. This person was responsible for being examined by the Veterinary Office. We are pleased to inform you that we are now a veterinary accredited quality hobby breed with the best results. The tax office also visited us and is more than satisfied with our bookkeeping, which brings a hobby breed with it. Thank you for your dedication and commitment.


Dear Ragdoll-Parents, dear Ragdollfriends and Ragdoll-Interested,

I would like to inform you up-to-date that there are always HPs that are similarly structured and that enrich our ideas (in text, design and structure) without being asked. These HP owners are not very creative and unfortunately use our ideas, such as Layout, texts, presentation. Palatina Ragdoll has nothing to do with this breeder or any connection. Unfortunately, all just ideational and brash copy!

We have already informed the owners and asked to change your internet presence.


You are interested in the Ragdoll, would like to get to know us and our Raggies, are you planning or entertaining the idea of adopting young animal offspring? No problem, we will gladly arrange a visit. Advisory, informative but above all familiar and familiar, we are at your disposal.

Your Tanja

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