Delivery info


Our kittens may at the earliest 13 weeks old – draw 14 weeks into the new home. Upon moving our little dewormed, 2-fold cat flu – vaccination Panleukopenia and chipped. The pedigree, a vaccination certificate also registration form for Tasso is packed with the suitcase. A so-called starter pack with his usual dry and wet food (Animal feed) as well as some toys we also rich with. An all-round carefree package for the first day.

We want a loose existing contact with our new Raggies-parents. We are happy to receive from time to time may be observed in images of our former babies to their further development.

Ragdolls are very social animals and live amidst warm family. In this race, it is absolutely advisable to add two new family members or one to one already exists cat.

Questions about the price of a charming Palatina Ragdoll kitten I answer them in personal conversation (at delivery within Germany).

A pet is a kitten to love and cuddle. With this cat can not be bred.

The allowance for Palatina Ragdoll pet kitten outside Germany or for a breeding cat / a breeding male on request.

I am happy to advise you.