current litter


Here you will find all information about our current litter.

Prince Adam & Lola became parents for the first time on July 14, 2018

Absolutely charming kittens were given to us with this great mating.
They are beautiful strong and typical Ragdoll babies.

Lola is a very caring mom and cares very lovingly for her babies.
Our Wonneproppen have already found their new home. We congratulate our future families to their adorable offspring and wish you always much joy with the little ones.

Our Helen and Int.Champion Barnaby of Blue Ice Lombardi became parents on 18 July 2018.

This selected mating gave birth to wonderful and typical chocolate and lilac babies. Helen is also a very caring and well-balanced mother. She and Lola sometimes even shared the rearing.

Again, we congratulate our future families to their absolutely gorgeous kittens and wish you always much joy with the family growth.

Description of the status:
Free = Kitten is still looking for a home
Option = Kitten has prospects. Is under observation, but not reserved (lover or breed). Inquiries still desired
Reserved = Kitten is reserved
Forgive = Kitten has found a new home